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New World, known as a pen factory supplies of coffee beans has been established since 1970. As a family company that has stood long enough.


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GINO Coffee Grinder
Perhaps you haven?t heard Gino coffee grinder as much as Mazzer, Macap, or some other renowned brands and you can hardly find its review from the internet as well. Basically you?re not alone, Gino coffee grinder including espresso machine are manufactured by Taiwan company, Gino Creation Ltd. Different from other company, Gino only produce one type which we will be seeing its performance in this post. Thanks to Toffin Product for sending me this machine and here it is, Gino Coffee Grinder.
Weeks with Gino has reminded me how similar its look with Mazzer Super Jolly. While Mazzer has enjoyed highest mark in coffee grinder arena for its built quality and performance, Gino is sitting quietly especially in Indonesian coffee market. Gino has an impressive looks, materials, and even its commercial weight. The build quality is good, sturdy metal from top to bottom and important thing it can deliver consistent grind for espresso. Stepless adjustment is easy with visible indicator. The only reservation was on coffee chute extension tube which has little effect in avoiding left side coffee drop.

Well, this is not a very depth review, but I?m very pleased with Gino, either for commercial use or for
Yuli Swanda and Kopi Toraja
When Yuli Swandy, a mother and coffee farmer from Palopo Toraja, South Sulawesi started her coffee business two years back, she never thought it will be growing so fast. ?I wouldn?t dare to dream at all? She said with laughter during my conversation in her exhibition booth at Agro & Food Expo 2010 in JHCC Jakarta recently. Prior to manage her own coffee distribution business, she has been farming coffee and selling it to coffee broker, with a fluctuated profit margin, but mostly with dictated price. She thought, why not forming a collective farmers organization to increase bargaining power to coffee broker. A smart strategy that will create a system to improve a substantial coffee price rather than decided by broker.
?How many coffee farmers under your supervision ?? I asked her, but she humbly refused to answer my question. ?Hundreds and counting? a representative from her booth whispered the answer without her knowledge. Knowing the number, I was so amazed with her achievement, perhaps it was the reason to justify her presents in the largest agricultural exhibition held by Ministry of Agriculture, to inspire others. While coffee farmers there are ensured with a good price so far, they
There were times when a place for coffee hang out doesn?t have to look extravagant with fancy lighting for soothing ambient, comfy couch, and some artificial smile from their waiter. It doesn?t meant I don?t like them, I do enjoy fancy cafe and many of surrounding establishments in Jakarta serve great cup of coffee and excellent services. However, modern cafe usually limited to Italian coffee style and beautifying drinks like frappe family and most importantly lack of local touch. I grew up with a strong kopi tubruk culture, a simple pour of hot water and spoon of black coffee with or without sugar. A down to earth coffeeing fashion and become a loyal companion for friendly chit-chat or just an antidote to stay awake all night due to neighborhood patrol rotation. So let me share my recent caffeing in Koffiedoeloe, at Jl. Pejompongan Raya #1, nearby famous satay stall.

My coffee time here was recommended by friend of mine Ve Handojo, a gifted travel writer, one of his favorite place for his caffeine madness. I went there during few days back and browsing their coffee menu which interesting to see many single origin coffees, from North Sumatra, Java, and
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Dunia Baru, known as a factory supplies of coffee beans has been established since 1970. As a family company that has stood long enough, Dunia Baru Coffee Factory was originally only had supplies for retail such as shops and markets that exist.

Along with the changing times and also the need for good quality coffee beans and our desire


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